ficus deltoidea leaves

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Phytochemical characteristic and uterotonic effect of

1 Pak J Biol Sci Sep;17(9):-51 Phytochemical characteristic and uterotonic effect of aqueous extract of Ficus deltoidea leaves in rats uterus.

Wound healing potential of Ficus deltoidea extract

Role of Ficus deltoidea extract in the enhancement of wound healing in , Ficus deltoidea, Intrasite gel, , Aqueous extract of F deltoidea leaves contains.

Analysis of L-citrulline and L-arginine in Ficus deltoidea

Ficus deltoidea (FD) is one of the native plants widely distributed in several countries in Southeast Asia Previous studies have shown that FD leaf possess antinociceptive, wound healing and antioxidant properti.

Gods and Monsters: The Genus Ficus

Gods and Monsters: The Genus Ficus By Scott D Appell - December 1, We encounter glorious specimens in ubiquitous bank and shopping mall plantings, we marvel at lush archetypes on tropical isles whilst on vacation, and we regard forlorn examples in the corners of our doctor's office.

Genotoxicity and acute and subchronic toxicity

Ficus deltoidea leaves , Yam MF, Asmawi MZ, et al Genotoxicity and acute and subchronic toxicity studies of a standardized methanolic extract of Ficus deltoidea.


Mist leaves frequently, especially in hot weather Take semi-ripe stem cuttings or leaf-bud cuttings in spring or summer , Ficus deltoidea; Ficus deltoidea;.

The Ficus (Ficus sp)

nean tree, it is one of the few deciduous Ficus speci * Ficus deltoidea (also called F diversifolia): mistletoe fig , * Ficus neriifolia : fig, willow-leaf ficus.

Flora Fauna Web

Ficus deltoidea (Golden , The genus name "Ficus" is Latin for fig or fig tree The specific epithet "deltoidea" refers to how the leaf shape often resembles the.

Leaf Morphological Variations and Heterophylly in

Sains Malaysiana 41(5)(): 527-538 Leaf Morphological Variations and Heterophylly in Ficus deltoidea Jack (Moraceae) (Variasi Morfologi dan Heterofili Daun dalam Ficus deltoidea Jack (Moraceae)).

Anti-Inflammatory Activity of the Aqueous Extract of Ficus

Ficus deltoidea (Family Moraceae) leaves have been used traditionally by the Malays to treat ailments such as wounds, sores, and rheumatismThe aim of the present study was to determine the anti-inflammatory activity of the aqueous extract of F deltoidea leaf (FDA) using acute and chronic inflammatory models.

Phytochemical Characteristic and Uterotonic Effect of


Efficacy and safety of Elaeis guineensis and Ficus deltoidea leaf extracts in adults with pre-diabetes.

of deltoidea leaves extract on reproductive

In the present study, Ficus deltoidea was evaluated to elucidate its effects on reproductive organs , Three doses of F deltoidea leaves extract selected.

Ficus Research Papers

of Ficus deltoidea’s leaves was water whereas non-green solvents used were ethanol and methanol Folin-Ciocalteu method was used for measuring the presence and.

Anti-inflammatory Activity of Standardised Extracts

leaves of three verities of Ficus deltoidea for anti-inflammatory activity using different in vitro models MATERIAL AND METHODS Chemicals Chemical used in this study.

Intraspecific classification of Ficus deltoidea Jack subsp

Taxonomic classification of the important medicinal plant, Ficus deltoidea (Moraceae), is challenging because of the variability of its leaves and fig.

Leaf morphological variations and heterophylly in ficus

Abstract Six varieties of Ficus deltoidea Jack (Moraceae) showed leaf morphological variations through quantitative measurement on different plant parts.

Leaf morphology and anatomy of 7 varieties of

Leaf morphology and anatomy of 7 varieties of Ficus deltoidea , and the shortest were those of var deltoidea (30- 36 cm) The widest leaves belong to var.

Discriminating Ficus deltoidea var bornensis from

Discriminating Ficus deltoidea var bornensis from Different Localities by HPTLC and FTIR Finger , Plant materials consisting of the leaves of FD var.


FICUS DELTOIDEA Mistletoe Fig Please read all information and view all pictures before purchasing All pictures are for reference purposes only.

Antinociceptive activity of the leaves of Ficus

N Ahmat et al Proceeding of The International Seminar on Chemistry (pp 247-251) Jatinangor, 30-31 October ISBN 978-979--0-7 247 Antinociceptive activity of the leaves of Ficus deltoidea aqueous extract.

Ficus deltoidea 'Variegata'

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FICUS DELTOIDEA VAR ANGUSTIFOLIA SP , another study has found that a leaves of the plant is better than male leaves in term of antioxidant potential [6].


the experiments, it can be seen that Ficus deltoidea leaves has the highest amount of , Antioxidant Potential of Malaysian Medicinal Plants 141.

Effect of Ficus deltoidea leaves extracts on blood


Delray Plants Fiddle-Leaf Fig (Ficus Pandurata) in Pot 45 out of 5 stars , Ficus deltoidea-Mas Cotek, attractive, easy and compact-growing indoor fig tree.


FROM FICUS DELTOIDEA LEAVES , Ficus deltoidea or Mas cotek is one of the most popular plant herbs that have been widely used traditionally as.


ficus deltoidea Evergreen shrub Makes good houseplant Native to Southeast Asia , Small, lobed leaves of Ficus p quercifolia look like miniature oak leav.

All In The Family- Ficus or Fig

The mistletoe fig or Ficus deltoidea is so named for the white fruit it forms which resemble those of the mistletoe I like the unusual shaped (deltoid) or triangular leav.

Ficus deltoidea ethanolic leaves extract improves

The global prevalence of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) has reached epidemic proportion contributing to infertility The two phenotypes of PCOS, hyperandrogemia and hyperinsulinemia have gained much attention even the exact etiology of the syndrome remained unclear.